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Welcome to Odyssey Outdoors!

Odyssey Outdoors is evolving daily into the energizing ‘go to’ website for families who care about raising great kids, giving them plenty of outdoor adventure, strength of character and appreciation of the environment.  Odyssey is part blog and also part family adventure group.  We currently have a pilot group of families near Seattle who meet for monthly outdoor adventures and character building activities.  It’s been a blast hiking, camping, rock climbing, and biking with folks ages 3 to 50!

Want to join in the fun? Drop us a line at info@odysseyoutdoors.net  with any thoughts or to start your own Odyssey family adventure group.  Also, subscribe to our weekly newsletter on the right hand side of this page.  Glad you’re here!


Inside Odyssey Outdoors

Brain boy

How to Parent Using Cutting Edge Brain Science

Summer is almost here and I’ve got big plans to add some of UCLA professor Dan Siegel’s genius parenting tools to my parenting arsenal.  Dr. Siegel is a pioneer in taking cutting edge brain science and applying it to how we parent.  He talks about it in this podcast and his book, The Whole... Read On


Join a Family Outdoor Adventure Group, for a Childhood Well Lived

What constitutes a childhood well lived?  Most important is a solid family with warm, trusting relationships that finds time for meaningful connection on a regular basis.   And a solid family is made up of thriving individuals.  How do we help our kids thrive?  By teaching them the habits and skills to be successful in... Read On


Help Kids Ride A Bike Safely with Bike Games and Skills

Learning to ride a bike is a big milestone in a child’s life. But what comes after that? Learning how to ride a bike safely is an important next lesson you can provide your child. It’s a good reminder for older kids, too. Every month we meet with 5 other families in our outdoor... Read On


Best Washington Campgrounds for Families

This week my fellow outdoor bloggers and I are highlighting our favorite campgrounds in North America. Since we at Odyssey Outdoors have camped with kids all over Washington state for the past 10 years, we’ll start by bringing you our favorite Washington campgrounds for families.   Cape Disappointment State Park: Magnificent Cape Disappointment is not only a... Read On

Mom and Daughter Jump

This Wild Odyssey Called Motherhood

This weekend we celebrate moms everywhere, and especially active, outdoorsy moms like the moms of Odyssey Outdoors. Thank you for inspiring us with your energy, kindness and creativity.  Happy Mothers Day!                       For you, a poem in your honor: This Wild Odyssey Called Motherhood  ... Read On


Take A Break from Screen Time-25 Ideas to Make Screen-Free Week Fun!

Many thanks to SierraTradingPost.com for publishing today’s post on their site! Every year the CCFC (Campaign for a Commerical-Free Childhood) organizes Screen-Free Week to help families reconnect with the feeling of life without plugged-in entertainment. If your family needs a digital detox, unplug from screen time and get outside!  Here are 25 ways to reconnect with outdoor... Read On


What Size Bike Is Right for Your Kids?

Today’s post comes from Luke Talbott, outdoor educator extraordinaire and founder of the hugely popular Compass Outdoor Adventures. With weather like this, you know the summer has to be right around the corner. As you put away the ski gear and get out your riding gear, it’s always good to check over your child’s... Read On